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KSE-30 Index
FoundationSeptember 1, 2006; 17 years ago (2006-09-01)
OperatorPakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)
Trading symbolKSE30
TypeLarge cap
Weighting methodfree float methodology

The KSE-30 Index is a stock market index which tracks the performance of the top 30 most liquid companies listed on the stock exchanges in Pakistan.[1] The index is based on a free float methodology[2] in differentiation to other indices based of paid-up capital.[3]

The KSE-30 Index was launched and implemented by the Karachi Stock Exchange in 2006.[4] In 2016, the Karachi Stock Exchange was merged with the Lahore Stock Exchange and Islamabad Stock Exchange to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).[5] In 2016, the PSX "announced a change in the KSE-30 index, stating that it would only cover the top thirty companies. The index will be re-composed twice a year."[4]

Other indices at the PSX represent total return of the market. That is, when a company announces a dividend, the other indices are not reduced/adjusted for that amount of dividend (whether cash or bonus). Whereas, KSE-30 Index is adjusted for dividends and right shares.

At the end of 24 December 2014, KSE-30 Index reached its highest ever level of 20,830.07.

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