Joseph M. Margiotta Distinguished Service Award

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The Joseph M. Margiotta Distinguished Service Award is presented annually by Hofstra University in recognition of extraordinary dedication, generosity and service to the Hofstra Athletics Pride Club and Hofstra Athletics.[1] The award is named for Joseph Margiotta, a Hofstra student-athlete and long-time supporter of the university.[2]

Margiotta founded the Hofstra Pride Club.[3] He served as its president for more than 20 years.[4][5]

Award Winners by Year[edit]

Year Recipients
1995 George Bossert and Lou Bronzo
1996 Jack Lenz, George Wright and Frank Watson
1997 Stephen F. Buckley and Bernard Fixler
1998 Anthony Bonomo and Ken Cloud
1999 Charles Churchill and Larry Davis
2000 James M. Shuart
2001 Mike Goldberg and Carol Bronzo
2002 Gary Barth and Anthony Mazzarella
2003 Ray Malone and William Rathje
2004 Robert Bernstein and Michael D'Amato
2005 Bob McKeon and John Weaver
2006 Daniel Destefano and Antonio Garay
2007 Paul Flamm and Guy Truicko
2008 Honorable Joseph M. Margiotta
2009 E. David Woycik, Jr.
2010 Linda Wing Caruso and Gerard O'Connor
2011 James C. Metzger
2012 Joseph Carrello, Maddy Leibowitz and Tony Liotta
2013 Neil Katz
2014 Noel Thompson
2015 John Frew
2016 The award was not presented.
2017 The award was not presented.
2018 Bob Buckner
2019 Terry Ryan
2020 The award was not presented.
2021 Greg and Christine Polli
2022 Anthony and Catherine Perettine
2023 The award was not presented.


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