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Jimmy Coates
Jimmy Coates: Killer
Jimmy Coates: Target
Jimmy Coates: Revenge
Jimmy Coates: Sabotage
Jimmy Coates: Survival
Jimmy Coates: Power
Jimmy Coates: Blackout
Jimmy Coates: Genesis (TBA)
AuthorJoe Craig
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreThriller, Children's
Media typePrint (Paperback)

Jimmy Coates is a series of children's books written by the English author Joe Craig.[1] The books have been published in many countries around the world and will be widely available in the United States for the first time in 2013.

The books are mostly set in the fictional dictatorship of the "Neo-Democratic State of Great Britain".


Number Title Publisher Date Published (UK) ISBN
1 Jimmy Coates: Killer (USA: Jimmy Coates: Assassin?)[2] HarperCollins Children's Books March 2005 ISBN 0-00-719685-7
2 Jimmy Coates: Target[2] HarperCollins Children's Books May 2006 ISBN 0-00-719686-5
3 Jimmy Coates: Revenge[2] HarperCollins Children's Books January 2007 ISBN 0-00-723285-3
4 Jimmy Coates: Sabotage[2] HarperCollins Children's Books October 2007 ISBN 0-00-723286-1
5 Jimmy Coates: Survival[2] HarperCollins Children's Books April 2008 ISBN 0-00-727099-2
6 Jimmy Coates: Power[2] HarperCollins Children's Books October 2008 ISBN 978-0007277308
7 Jimmy Coates: Blackout[2] HarperCollins Children's Books June 2013 ISBN 978-0007524327
8 Jimmy Coates: Genesis[2] HarperCollins Children's Books TBA



  • Jimmy Coates – a young, genetically modified assassin
  • Zafi Sauvage – another young, genetically modified assassin (Who works for the French secret intelligence)
  • Mitchell Glenthorne – another young, genetically modified assassin (who works for NJ7)
  • Helen Coates – Jimmy's mother
  • Eva Doren – Georgie's friend who works in NJ7, but she is actually giving information to Jimmy about NJ7's plans
  • Georgie Coates – Jimmy's half-sister
  • Felix Muzebeke – Jimmy's best friend
  • Dr. Higgins – scientist who helped to create Jimmy
  • Christopher Viggo – Late Campaigner and Politician
  • Saffron – Trained in the martial arts and Christopher Viggo's girlfriend


  • NJ7 – The fictitious government agency that pursues, and designed, Jimmy Coates
  • Miss Bennett – Director of NJ7
  • Paduk – Ex Director of Special Security for the Neo-Democratic State of Great Britain
  • William Lee – Director of Special Security for the Neo-Democratic State of Great Britain
  • Ian Coates – Jimmy's father and, later, Prime Minister of Great Britain
  • Ares Hollingdale – The late and former Prime Minister of Great Britain
  • Dr. Higgins – Part of the team that built Jimmy & Mitchell
  • Lieutenant Commander Luke Love
  • Mitchell Glenthorne – The first assassin created
  • Zafi Sauvage – The French child assassin
  • Uno Stovorsky – French Secret Service
  • Colonel Keays – a director with the CIA and Synperco

USA release[edit]

Shortly after the UK publication, Craig's first book was released in the United States under the title Jimmy Coates: Assassin but withdrawn shortly afterwards. During its short release, it was selected for, among others, the Lone Star reading list in Texas[3] and the New York Public Libraries 'Books for the Teen Age' list.[4]

The whole series was released for the first time in the USA across 2014 and 2015 by Open Road Media.

Critical reception[edit]

The books received a variety of reviews, all positive. The Independent described the first book as

"Few books have the power to drag young boys away from their Xbox or Wii but I've seen the Jimmy Coates series in action – Super Mario is no match for this schoolboy assassin."[1]

It was described by School Library Association as

"Packed full of shocks and surprises, high-octane action sequences, constant dangers and near-miss escapes from death, this is an at-a-sitting read for Bond and Rider fans everywhere. With bags of film potential..."[1]

It was a finalist for the 2006 Manchester Book Award, and won the Bolton Children's Book Award 2006.

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