Jandol State

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Jandol (also called Jandool or Jandul) was a minor Pashtun princely state at the time of the British Raj.[1] It was established circa 1830, with its capital at Barwa (modern Samarbagh). Umra Khan was probably its most prominent ruler. It became a part of the princely state of Dir and later of Pakistan as a result of the integration of the princely states of Pakistan.[2]


The Khans include:[3]

  • 1791-1820: Hayat Khan
  • 1820-?: Abdul Ghafar Khan
  • ?-?: Faiz Talab Khan
  • ?-1879: Aman Khan
  • 1879-1881: Muhammad Zaman Khan
  • 1881- c.1904: Umra Khan
  • 1947-1969: Nawabzada Shahabuddin Khan


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