Jamestown 400th Anniversary half eagle

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United States
Value5 U.S. Dollar
Mass8.359 g
Diameter.850 Inches mm
Thickness1.65 mm mm
Composition90% Gold/10% Alloy
Years of minting2007
Catalog number?
Jamestown 400th Anniversary commemorative gold five dollar coin obverse.jpg
DesignCapt. John Smith greeting an American Indian carrying a bag of corn. Inscriptions: '1607-2007', 'Liberty', 'In God We Trust' & 'Founding of Jamestown'
DesignerJohn Mercanti
Design date2007
DesignA rendering of Jamestown Memorial Church Inscriptions: 'United States of America', '$5', 'E Pluribus Unum', 'Jamestown Memorial Church' & mint mark 'W'
DesignerSusan Gamble
Design date2007

In 2007, the United States Mint released a gold five-dollar commemorative coin which commemorates the 400th year after the founding of Jamestown. Surcharges from the sale of the Jamestown commemorative were donated to Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Secretary of the Interior and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities to support programs that promote the understanding of the legacies of Jamestown.[1]

The coin was sold as both as a proof coin and an uncirculated coin, with a maximum coinage of 100,000 coins.


Coin Finishes: proof, and uncirculated

Maximum Mintage: 100,000 - The final mintages were 18,348 uncirculated, and 46,365 proof.

U.S. Mint Facility: West Point Mint (W)

Public Law: 108-289

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