Jakov Milatović

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Jakov Milatović
Јаков Милатовић
Milatović in 2023
3rd President of Montenegro
Assumed office
20 May 2023
Prime MinisterDritan Abazović
Preceded byMilo Đukanović
Minister of Economic Development
In office
4 December 2020 – 28 April 2022
Prime MinisterZdravko Krivokapić
Preceded byDragica Sekulić
Succeeded byGoran Đurović
Additional positions
Member of the City Assembly of Podgorica
In office
12 April 2023 – 11 May 2023
Personal details
Born (1987-12-07) 7 December 1987 (age 35)
Titograd, SR Montenegro, SFR Yugoslavia
Political partyEurope Now! (2022–present)
Other political
Independent (before 2022)
SpouseMilena Milatović
  • Politician
  • economist

Jakov Milatović (Serbian Cyrillic: Јаков Милатовић, pronounced [jakoʋ mǐlatoʋitɕ]; born 7 December 1987) is a Montenegrin politician and economist who is the incumbent president of Montenegro, serving since May 2023. He previously served as the minister of economic development in the cabinet of Zdravko Krivokapić from 2020 to 2022, and as an economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London and Podgorica.[1] He is the co-founder and deputy leader of the liberal and pro-European Europe Now! party, currently the largest single political party in the Montenegrin parliament.

Taking office in a landslide presidential election at the age of 36, Milatović is the youngest person to hold the office of president in independent Montenegro, as well as the world's third-youngest state leader after Gaetano Troina of San Marino and Ibrahim Traoré of Burkina Faso, and the third President of Montenegro since the country's independence in 2006. He has made improving living standards, tackling corruption, and the accession of Montenegro to the European Union by 2025 his central issues.[2][3]

Early life and education[edit]

Milatović was born on 7 December 1987[4] in Titograd, SR Montenegro, SFR Yugoslavia, where he graduated elementary and secondary school Gymnasium "Slobodan Škerović". In his yearbook page from 2005 it was stated that Milatović will become the president of Montenegro within 10 years.[5] His grandfather and great-grandfather fought in World War II as a member of the Yugoslav Partisans.[6] His great-grandfather also participated in World War I and fought in the Battle of Mojkovac in 1916.[5] His father was a unionist and one of the founders of the Socialist People's Party (SNP) in 1997.[7] Milatović claimed that his father couldn't find employment due to his opposition to the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).[5]

He completed his undergraduate studies in the field of economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Montenegro. He spent one academic year at Illinois State University as US Fellow; one semester at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) as Government of Austria Fellow; one academic year at the Sapienza University of Rome (La Sapienza) as EU Fellow. Milatović completed his MPhil in economics at St John's College, Oxford. He was a British Government Chevening Scholarship Fellow. He was also a fellow of the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation.[8] Besides his native Serbo-Croatian, Milatović is fluent in English, and speaks Italian and Spanish.[9]

Economics career[edit]

Milatović worked at NLB Group Podgorica, and Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt. In 2014 he joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the team for economic and political analysis. In 2019, he was promoted to the principal economist for the EU countries, including Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia, and was based at the Bank's office in Bucharest.[10]

He has published a number of articles and co-authored two books.[11]

Political career[edit]

Minister of Economic Development (2020–2022)[edit]

He served as the minister of economic development in the Krivokapić Cabinet from 4 December 2020 to 28 April 2022.[12] During his term, Milatović and finance minister Milojko Spajić presented and implemented the controversial "Europe now" economic reform program.[13] The reform program aimed to increase the minimum wage, reduce taxes and social contributions, attract foreign investment, and accelerate Montenegro’s integration into the European Union. The program was popular among the public and boosted the public approval of Milatović and Spajić.[14]

Europe Now and 2022 local elections[edit]

In 2022, Milatović and Spajić founded the Europe Now political party, with Spajić as president and Milatović as deputy president. It participated in the 2022 local elections,[15] with Milatović heading the organizations electoral list in Podgorica as its mayoral candidate.[16] The list won 21.7% of the popular vote and Milatović was expected to become the mayor of Podgorica.[17]

2023 presidential campaign[edit]

In March 2023, Milatović ran as a replacement candidate of Europe Now in the 2023 Montenegrin presidential election after Spajić's candidacy was rejected by the State Electoral Commission (DIK) as it was discovered that he is a dual citizen of Serbia and Montenegro.[18] He was elected president following his landslide victory against the incumbent president Milo Đukanović in the run-off on 2 April 2023.[19] Milatović won 58.88% of the popular vote.[20] He stated that his first foreign visit will be to Brussels.[21]

Presidency (2023–present)[edit]

Milatović was sworn in on 20 May 2023 in the Parliament of Montenegro in Podgorica[22] instead of the traditional inauguration place of Cetinje.[23] His inauguration was attended by numerous Balkan leaders such as Aleksandar Vučić, Zoran Milanović, Željko Komšić, Željka Cvijanović, Denis Bećirović, and Galab Donev.[22] Milatović was also congratulated by Pope Francis.[24]

Milatović and U.S representative Mike Turner in September 2023

In June 2023, Milatović stated that he expects Montenegro to join the European Union by 2027 or 2028.[25]

In August 2023, Milatović met with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Athens, stating that Montenegro "openly and strongly condemns Russia's unprovoked aggression against Ukraine."[26]

On 28 August 2023, Milatović said that the "winning energy" after his presidential election has been "shattered" by the disagreements over the new government formation, appealing to the prime minister-designate Spajič and everyone participating in the consultations on the formation of the new government to make the process "more transparent and in accordance with the electoral will".[27]

Political positions[edit]

His political positions have been described as centrist,[28][29] while some describe him as a populist.[30][31][32] Milatović voted for the independence of Montenegro at the 2006 independence referendum.[6] Prior to entering politics he voted for SNP, Democratic Montenegro and the For the Future of Montenegro (ZBCG) coalition.[7]

Foreign policy[edit]

Milatović supports the accession of Montenegro to the European Union.[33] He advocates closer relations between Montenegro and Serbia.[34][35][36] He supports sanctioning Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine, which he considers an act of aggression.[37] Milatović called the proposals of Montenegro revoking the recognition of Kosovo's independence unrealistic, stating that Kosovo is an internationally recognized country.[38] He stated that he agrees with the International Court of Justice's verdict on the Srebrenica genocide.[39] He supports the Open Balkan initiative.[5][40][36]

Personal life[edit]

Milatović is married to Milena Milatović and has three children. He is a Serbian Orthodox Christian and was baptized in the Ostrog Monastery.[35] He identifies himself as a Montenegrin by ethnicity.[41]


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