Israa University (Palestine)

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Israa University
Established2014 Edit this on Wikidata (10 years ago)
Typesuniversity Edit this on Wikidata
CountryState of Palestine Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinates31°31′24″N 34°27′08″E / 31.52344159°N 34.4522148°E / 31.52344159; 34.4522148 Edit this at Wikidata Edit this on Wikidata

Israa University (also Isra University, al-Israa University or al-Isra University) was a university in the Gaza Strip created in 2014.[1] Its main building was occupied for 70 days and physically destroyed by explosives on 17 January 2024 by Israeli armed forces, during the Israel–Hamas war.[2][3]


Al-Israa University was created in 2014,[1] following the creation of other new Palestinian universities such as University of Palestine.[4]


As of January 2024, the vice-President of the university was Ahmed Alhussaina.[1]


Al-Israa University includes a Law Faculty. Cooperation between the Law Faculty and the Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession [ar] took place in 2019 on issues including the proposed Palestinian Basic Law and human rights and the right to a fair trial.[5]

2023–2024 Israeli occupation and destruction[edit]

During the 2023–2024 Israel–Hamas war, the building housing al-Israa University was occupied and converted to military barracks by Israel military forces for 70 days. According to university administrators, the building was used by the Israeli forces as a base for snipers for shooting civilians in Rashid, al-Mughraqa and al-Zahra streets and as a detention centre. On 17 January 2024, the Israeli forces destroyed the main building and the nearly completed university hospital using explosives.[2][1] The building's destruction was seen as completing the destruction or near-destruction of all higher education buildings in Gaza Strip by Times Higher Education. Samia al-Botmeh of Birzeit University interpreted the completion of the destruction of the buildings as "part of [an] overarching strategy of the destruction of every aspect of services in Gaza that make life there possible".[3] In a press release, the university stated that occupying forces took over 3,000 artifacts from its museum before destroying it.[1][6]


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