Indian National League

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Indian National League
PresidentMohammad Soleiman
General Secretary
FounderEbrahim Sulaiman Sait
Founded23 April 1994 (29 years ago) (1994-04-23)
Split fromIndian Union Muslim League
Student wingNational Students' League
Youth wingNational Youth League
Regional affiliationLeft Democratic Front
AIADMK-led Alliance
(Tamil Nadu)
Kerala Legislative Assembly
1 / 140
Party flag

Indian National League (INL) is an Indian political party formed in 1994 under the leadership of the then IUML leader Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait.[1] The party is currently a member of the CPIM-led LDF in Kerala.[1] Indian National League leader Ahamed Devarkovil, Member of the Legislative Assembly from Kozhikode South Constituency, serves as a minister in the Second Pinarayi Vijayan ministry.

P. M. A. Salam was the first National League candidate to get elected to the Kerala Assembly (2006).[2] Indian National League was formally inducted into the LDF in the late 2010s.[2][3]


  • Indian National League was formed as a reaction to the continued alliance of IUML with INC post Babri Masjid Demolition.[2][1]
  • Opposition raised by several CPIM leaders, who saw the National League as a communal party, ensured that the National League had to stay outside the LDF for over two decades (1994 - 2018).[2]
  • The Indian National League mostly allied with the CPIM unofficially in certain seats in the various Kerala Assembly elections between 1994 and 2018.[2]
  • Indian National League was associated with the UDF briefly in 2010-11.[3]


  • It was alleged that INL had 'sold' the post of the member of KPSC for Rs 40 lakh.[2]


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