IV Corps (Pakistan)

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IV Corps
Badge of IV Corps
Active1966; 58 years ago (1966)[1] - Present
Country Pakistan
Branch Pakistan Army
RoleManeuver and combined arms oversight.
Size~45,000 approximately
(Though this may vary as units are rotated)
HQ/GarrisonLahore Cantonment, Punjab in Pakistan
Nickname(s)Lahore Corps
Colors IdentificationRed, white and silver
EngagementsIndo-Pakistani War of 1971
DecorationsMilitary Decorations of Pakistan Military
CommanderLt-Gen. Aamer Raza
Chief of StaffBrigadier Zia Khan
Gen. Tikka Khan
Lt-Gen. Moinuddin Haider
War Flag

The IV Corps is field a corps of the Pakistan Army, headquartered in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.[2] Having established in January 1966, it is Pakistan army's of one of ten maneuver formation which saw its deployment against the Indian Army in 1971.[3]

It is currently commanded by its commander, Lieutenant-General Aamer Raza.[4]


History and war service[edit]

The Army GHQ, working under Gen. Yahya Khan in Rawalpindi established the formation in to ensure national defenses of Lahore in January 1966.[2][3] It was the second formation created by the Army GHQ, followed by the II Corps, to strengthened the national defenses of Pakistan, focusing only in Punjab.[3]

During the second war with Indian Army, the I Corps maneuvered the entire armored and infantry units which found to be unwieldy and extremely ineffective to control the army elements to coordinate the missions together.[5]

The 4th artillery of the Regiment of Artillery, that played a crucial role in supporting the 6th Armored Division in Battle of Chawinda attached to I Corps, played a crucial role in establishing the IV Corps.[6][7][8]

The IV Corps is headquartered in Lahore Cantonment since January 1966 when Lieutenant-General Attiqur Rahman was appointed as its first corps.[1]

The IV Corps saw its deployment in 1971 against the Indian Army to maneuver the military elements to strengthened the defenses of Lahore sector.[9]


The corps order of battle is.[10]

Structure of IV Corps
Corps Corps HQ Corps Commander Assigned Units Unit HQ
IV Corps Lahore Lt. Gen. Syed Aamer Raza
2nd Artillery Division Gujranwala
10th Infantry Division: Lahore
11th Infantry Division Lahore
212th Infantry Brigade Lahore
3rd Independent Armoured Brigade Chunian
Independent Engineering Brigade U/I Location
Independent Signal Brigade U/I Location

List of corps commanders[edit]

# Name Start of tenure End of tenure
1 Lt Gen Attiqur Rahman January 1966 August 1969
2 Lt Gen Tikka Khan August 1969 March 1971
3 Lt Gen Bahadur Sher Khan March 1971 January 1972
4 Lt Gen Abdul Hameed Khan January 1972 January 1974
5 Lt Gen Iqbal Khan March 1976 January 1978
6 Lt Gen Sawar Khan January 1978 March 1980
7 Lt Gen S.F.S. Lodhi March 1980 March 1984
8 Lt Gen Mohammad Aslam Shah March 1984 March 1986
9 Lt Gen Alam Jan Masud March 1986 July 1990
10 Lt Gen Mohammad Ashraf July 1990 January 1993
11 Lt Gen Humayun Khan Bangash January 1993 January 1996
12 Lt Gen Moinuddin Haider January 1996 March 1997
13 Lt Gen Mohammad Akram March 1997 October 1998
14 Lt Gen Khalid Maqbool October 1998 August 2000
15 Lt Gen Aziz Khan August 2000 October 2001
16 Lt Gen Zarrar Azim October 2001 December 2003
17 Lt Gen Shahid Aziz December 2003 October 2005
18 Lt Gen Shafaat Ullah Shah October 2005 March 2008
19 Lt Gen Ijaz Ahmed Bakshi March 2008 April 2010
20 Lt Gen Rashad Mahmood April 2010 January 2013
21 Lt Gen Maqsood Ahmad January 2013 September 2013
22 Lt Gen Naweed Zaman September 2013 September 2015
23 Lt Gen Sadiq Ali September 2015 September 2017
24 Lt Gen Aamer Riaz September 2017 December 2018
25 Lt Gen Majid Ehsan December 2018 December 2020
25 Lt Gen Muhammad Abdul Aziz December 2020 October 2022
26 Lt Gen Salman Fayyaz Ghanni October 2022 May 2023
27 Lt Gen Syed Aamer Raza 16 May 2023 Present


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Further reading[edit]

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