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IEC 62264 is an international standard for enterprise-control system integration. This standard is based upon ANSI/ISA-95.

Current Parts of IEC 62264[edit]

IEC 62264 consists of the following parts detailed in separate IEC 62264 standard documents:

  • Part 1:2013 Object Models and Attributes of Manufacturing Operations (Second edition 2013-05) [1]
  • Part 2:2013 Object model attributes (Second edition 2013-06) [2]
  • Part 3:2016 Activity models of manufacturing operations management (Second edition 2016-12) [3]
  • Part 4:2015 Objects models attributes for manufacturing operations management integration [4]
  • Part 5:2016 Business to manufacturing transactions[5]
  • Publicly Available Specification - Pre-standard Part 6:2016 Messaging Service Model[6]

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