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Location of Hungary in the European Union

It has been proposed that Hungary withdraw from the European Union (EU), which is sometimes referred to as Huxit,[1] Huexit,[2] Hunxit[3] and Hunexit[4] (all being portmanteaus of "Hungary" and "exit").[5] In Hungary, member of the EU since 2004, right-wing populist politicians have tried to create a comparison between the EU and the former Soviet Union (USSR), seen as a past oppressor in the country. Furthermore, democratic backsliding is a phenomenon present in Hungary. For all of this, it has been suggested that Hungary should leave the EU.[6]

In 2021, the Parliament of Hungary promulgated the so-called Hungarian anti-LGBT law, which aims to ban all content for children that may be considered as "promoting homosexuality" and which makes a relationship between the LGBT community and pedophilia. This received a heavy negative response from other countries of the EU, with Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte even suggesting Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán to leave the EU.[7][8]

On 8 May 2022, János Volner, former member of the political party Jobbik, announced that his own political party, the Volner Party, would be renamed to Huxit Party and adopt a Hungarian withdrawal from the EU as its main objective.[9]

Hungary is legally allowed to leave the EU according to Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. Therefore, the country could leave the union after the organization of a referendum, for which it would be necessary to change the Constitution of Hungary with the support of two-thirds of the Hungarian parliament. Such a thing was proposed by the Hungarian politician Dóra Dúró, member of the party Our Homeland Movement.[3] However, withdrawal from the EU is not popular among the Hungarian public. A 2016 poll revealed that 68% of Hungarians wanted to stay in the EU and that only 17% preferred to leave.[10] In 2020, support for the EU was even higher, with 85% of polled Hungarians supporting the membership of the country in the union.[11]


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