Hong Kong ten-dollar coin

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Ten dollars
Hong Kong
Value10.00 HKD
Mass11 g
Diameter24mm outer rim, inner rim 15.6 mm
Thickness3 mm
Edgeintermited milled
CompositionCopper-nickel outer ring and Nickel-brass center plug
Years of minting1993 (proof) 1994-1997
Catalog number-
DesignerJoseph Yam
Design date1992
Design10 with value in English and Chinese
DesignerJoseph Yam
Design date1992

The ten-dollar coin is the highest-valued circulating coin issued in Hong Kong.

It circulates alongside the ten dollar banknote. It was first issued for circulation in 1994 to replace the $10 note, but the coin was not minted after 1997 and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority chose instead to reissue banknotes in 2002. A commemorative issue featuring the Tsing Ma Bridge was released in 1997 for the handover of Hong Kong to China. It was issued in uncirculated and proof sets.[1] It is Hong Kong's only bi-metallic coin.


Year [2][3] Mintage
1993 ??? circulating. 30,000 proof.
1994 ??? circulating. 20,000 gold proof.
1995 ??? circulating.
1996 800,000 circulating. (up to September 2014)
1997 Tsing Ma Bridge commemorative. No circulation. 97,000 proof.
/// = has not been minted, ??? = unknown yet, --- = only minted for sets


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