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Hofstra Law Review
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Hofstra University School of Law (USA)
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The Hofstra Law Review, an entirely student run organization, is the flagship law review of the Hofstra University School of Law. As of 2021, Hofstra Law Review ranks 68 out of 330 flagship law reviews by the influential Washington and Lee Law Review ranking.[1] Its inaugural issue was published in 1973. The Hofstra Law Review is published quarterly.

The Law Review oversees the Hofstra Law Review Alumni Association, The mission of which is to "get in touch with alumni of the Law Review to help build a strong network of Law Review alumni".[2]

In 2005, the Hofstra Law Review began publishing a new section entitled "Ideas." "Ideas" serve as the vehicle for short pieces—from three to 10 pages in length and having a minimal number of footnotes—on topics of interest to scholars and practitioners. There are no subject-matter restrictions and no requirement that the pieces relate to one another. "Ideas" is a collection of brief observations on important legal questions.

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