Hawane Nature Reserve

Coordinates: 26°13′19″S 31°05′06″E / 26.222°S 31.085°E / -26.222; 31.085
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Official nameHawane Dam and Nature Reserve
Designated12 June 2013
Reference no.2121[1]

Hawane Nature Reserve was first established in 1978 to protect an area of marsh along the Mbuluzi River in Eswatini. This area included the natural habitat of Kniphofia umbrina, a rare Eswatini endemic red hot poker. When the Hawane dam was built in 1988 to provide Mbabane's water supply, the reserve was expanded to protect the surrounding wetlands.[2] The reserve is managed by the Swaziland National Trust Commission.

The reserve's main attraction is its wealth of birdlife. A trail is provided for bird-watching.[3] Bird species include lanner falcon, egyptian goose, pied kingfisher and white-faced whistling duck.[4]


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26°13′19″S 31°05′06″E / 26.222°S 31.085°E / -26.222; 31.085