Hamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh

Coordinates: 25°45′N 80°00′E / 25.750°N 80.000°E / 25.750; 80.000
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Hamirpur district
Temple in Rath
Temple in Rath
Location of Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh
Location of Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh
Country India
StateUttar Pradesh
TehsilsHamirpur, Rath, Maudaha, Sarila
 • Lok Sabha constituenciesHamirpur, Uttar Pradesh (Lok Sabha constituency)
 • Vidhan Sabha constituencies
 • Total4,121 km2 (1,591 sq mi)
 • Total1,104,285
 • Density270/km2 (690/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Literacy70.16 %
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
Major highwaysNH 86

Hamirpur district is one of the 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh state of India and Hamirpur town is the district headquarters. Hamirpur district is a part of Chitrakoot Division. The district occupies an area of 4,121.9 km². The district has a population of 1,104,285 (2011 census). As of 2011 it is the third least populous district of Uttar Pradesh (out of 71), after Mahoba and Chitrakoot.[1] Two major rivers Yamuna and Betwa meet here. On the banks of river Betwa lies the "Coarse sand" which is exported to many parts in U.P.


In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Hamirpur one of the country's 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640).[2] It is one of the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).[2]


Hamirpur is the home of Bundelkhand Kesri & Bundelkhand Gandhi Dewan Shatrughan Singh and his wife the valiant freedom fighter Rani Rajendra Kumari. The Rani also defeated the sitting UP Chief Minister CB Gupta in a byelection in 1958. Dewan Saheb performed the first Gram Daan to Acharya Vinobha Bhave.


Historical population
YearPop.±% p.a.

According to the 2011 census Hamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh has a population of 1,104,285,[1] roughly equal to the nation of Cyprus[4] or the US state of Rhode Island.[5] This gives it a ranking of 417th in India (out of a total of 640).[1] The district has a population density of 268 inhabitants per square kilometre (690/sq mi) .[1] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 5.78%.[1] Hamirpur has a sex ratio of 860 females for every 1000 males,[1] and a literacy rate of 70.16%. Scheduled Castes made up 21.84% of the population.[1]

Religions in Hamirpur district (2011)[6]
Religion Percent
Other or not stated


Languages of Hamirpur district (2011)[7]

  Hindi (66.43%)
  Bundeli (32.01%)
  Urdu (1.29%)
  Others (0.27%)

At the time of the 2011 Census of India, 66.43% of the population in the district spoke Hindi, 32.01% Bundeli and 1.36% Urdu as their first language.[7]

Tongues spoken in Hamirpur include Bundeli, which has a lexical similarity of 72-91% with Hindi[8] (compared to 60% for German and English)[9] and is spoken by about 7,800,000 people in Bundelkhand.[8]

Notable persons[edit]


Hamirpur is a Town and Tehsil in Hamirpur District of Uttar Pradesh. According to census 2011 information the sub-district code of Hamirpur Block (CD) is 00864. Total area of hamirpur tehsil is 1,105 km² including 1,089.51 km² rural area and 15.82 km² urban area. Hamirpur tehsil has a population of 3,64,464 peoples, out of which urban population is 88,015 while rural population is 2,76,449. Hamirpur has a population density of 330 inhabitants per square kilometre. There are about 68,440 houses in the sub-district, including 16,528 urban houses and 51,912 rural houses.

When it comes to literacy, 60.10% population of hamirpur tehsil is literate, out of which 68.86% males and 49.91% females are literate.

List of Villages in Hamirpur[edit]

# Village Name Gram Panchayat
1 Abdullapur Bhatpura Danda
2 Amirta Amirta
3 Araji Khandehi Jar Chhani Buzurg
4 Araji Sager Chhani Khurd
5 Arazi Dhanpura Chhani Buzurg
6 Arazi Mutnaja Pandheri Pandheri
7 Arazi Sani Dhanpura Chhani Buzurg
8 Atraia Atraia
9 Atrar Atrar
10 Babina Nadehra
11 Bachrauli Kumaunpur
12 Bada Gaon Bada Gaon
13 Badanpur Badanpur
14 Bahraoli Daria N/A
15 Bahrauli Danda Bachrauli
16 Baije Islampur Debiganj
17 Bainsa Pali Bhainsa Pali
18 Bamhanpur Kutubpur
19 Banda Banda
20 Bank Bank
21 Banki Banki
22 Bardaha Sahijana Danda Bardaha Sahijana Danda
23 Bardaha Sahijana Daria Bardaha Sahijana Danda
24 Barua Baruaa
25 Basant Nagar Uncha Dehat Gurginj Dehat Dhar Og N/A
26 Beri Beri
27 Bhabhaura Jalala
28 Bhakaul Dariapur
29 Bhatpura Danda Bhatpura Danda
30 Bhatpura Daria Bhatpura Danda
31 Bhauli Danda Bhauli Danda
32 Bhauli Daria Bhauli Danda
33 Bhaunia Bhaunia
34 Bhaura Danda Bhaura
35 Bhaura Daria Bhaura
36 Bhilawa Danda Bhilawa Danda
37 Bhilawa Daria Bhilawa Danda
38 Bhitri Bilota
39 Bilhadi Bilhadi
40 Bilota Bilota
41 Bindpuri Beri
42 Bir Khera Bir Khera
43 Chak Jamrehi Teer N/A
44 Chakothi Chakothi
45 Chand Purwa Buzurg Chand Purwa Buzurg
46 Chand Purwa Khurd Bhaura
47 Chandaukhi Chandaukhi
48 Chandauli Jar Mawai Jar
49 Chanduli Teer Amirta
50 Chandupur Danda Chandupur Danda
51 Chandupur Daria Chandupur Danda
52 Chhani Buzurg Chhani Buzurg
53 Chhani Khurd Chhani Khurd
54 Damer Damer
55 Dariapur Dariapur
56 Debiganj Debiganj
57 Deo Gaon Deo Gaon
58 Dhanpura Dhanpura
59 Dhundh Pur Dhundh Pur
60 Gahtauli Jalala
61 Gauri Atraia
62 Gimuha Danda Gimuha Danda
63 Gimuha Daria Gimuha Danda
64 Gujraura Kakrau
65 Gulab Ganj Debiganj
66 Haraulipur Umrahat
67 Helapur Danda Helapur
68 Helapur Daria Helapur
69 Ind Puri Beri
70 Ingohata Ingohata
71 Isauli Terha
72 Itara Chand Purwa Buzurg
73 Jakhela Jakhela
74 Jalala Jalala
75 Jalla Jalla
76 Jamrehi Teer Danda Bhatpura Danda
77 Jamrehi Teer Daria Bhatpura Danda
78 Jamrehi Upar Jamrehi Upar
79 Jhalokher Jhalokher
80 Kaithi Kaithi
81 Kakrau Kakrau
82 Kalauli Jar Kalauli Jar
83 Kalauli Teer Danda Kalauli Teer Danda
84 Kalauli Teer Daria Kalauli Teer Danda
85 Kalla Kalla
86 Kanauta Danda Kanauta Danda
87 Kanauta Daria Kanauta Danda
88 Kandaur Danda Kandaur Danda
89 Kandaur Daria Kandaur Danda
90 Kanjauli Saukher
91 Kariapur Kakrau
92 Keeratpur Bardaha Sahijana Danda
93 Khandehi Jar Khadehi Jar
94 Kharaunj Kharaunj
95 Kharehta Kakrau
96 Kotupur Bhauli Danda
97 Kuan Khera Mawai Jar
98 Kuchhechha Danda Kuchhechha
99 Kuchhechha Daria Kuchhechha
100 Kumaunpur Kumaunpur
101 Kundaura Kundaura
102 Kurara Rural Kurara Rural
103 Kusauli Bhainsa Pali
104 Kusmara Kusmara
105 Kutubpur Kutubpur
106 Lahera Lahra
107 Lalpura Kalauli Jar
108 Magredi N/A
109 Majara Kundaura Danda Kuchhechha
110 Majara Kundaura Daria Kuchhechha
111 Mamrejpur Danda Mora Kander
112 Mamrejpur Daria Mora Kander
113 Manjhoopur Danda Manjhoopur Danda
114 Manjhoopur Daria Manjhoopur Danda
115 Manki Kalan Manki Kalan
116 Manki Khurd Manki Khurd
117 Mauhar Mauhar
118 Mawai Jar Mawai Jar
119 Mehmoodpur Pouthia Buzurg
120 Merapur Danda Merapur Danda
121 Merapur Daria Merapur Danda
122 Mihuna Mihuna
123 Misripur Misripur
124 Mora Kander Mora Kander
125 Mundera 193 Pauthia Buzurg Mundera
126 Nachaut Kusmara
127 Nadehra Nadehra
128 Narayanpur Saukher
129 Narsara Bachrauli
130 Nathi Danda Patara Danda
131 Nathi Daria Patara Danda
132 Nazarpur Saukher
133 Nirni Misripur
134 Pach Khura Pachkhura
135 Pachkhura Buzurg Pachkhura Buzurg
136 Pachkhura Khurd Pachkhura Khurd
137 Padhauli Bir Khera
138 Palra Palra
139 Pandheri Pandheri
140 Para Para
141 Para Ojhi Danda Para Ojhi Danda
142 Para Ojhi Daria N/A
143 Para Rai Pura Para Rai Pura
144 Parsani Mora Kander
145 Patara Danda Patara Danda
146 Patara Daria Patara Danda
147 Pateora Danda Pateora
148 Pateora Daria N/A
149 Patia Bhauli Danda
150 Pauthia Khurd Pouthia Buzurg

151 Pouthia Buzurg Pouthia Buzurg
152 Ragaura Nadehra
153 Raghwa Shankarpur
154 Rameri Danda Rameri Danda
155 Rameri Daria Rameri Danda
156 Rani Ganj Beri
157 Ringna Saukher
158 Rithari Rithari
159 Rithaura Danda Gimuha Danda
160 Rithaura Daria N/A
161 Sahurapur Danda Sahurapur
162 Sahurapur Daria Sahurapur
163 Sarsai Sarsaii
164 Saukher Saukher
165 Shadipur Pachkhura Buzurg
166 Shankerpur Shankarpur
167 Shekhoopur Shekhoopur
168 Sidra Danda Para Ojhi Danda
169 Sidra Daria N/A
170 Sikri Ujnedi
171 Sikrohi Danda Sikrohi Danda
172 Sikrohi Daria Sikrohi Danda
173 Simnaudi Simnaudi
174 Simra Misripur
175 Siwni Siwni
176 Sumerpur Rural N/A
177 Surajpur Danda Kuchhechha
178 Surajpur Daria Kuchhechha
179 Surauli Buzurg Danda Surauli Buzurg
180 Surauli Buzurg Daria Surauli Buzurg
181 Surauli Khurd Danda Tikrauli
182 Surauli Khurd Daria Tikrauli
183 Swasa Buzurg Swasa Buzurg
184 Swasa Khurd Swasa Khurd
185 Terha Terha
186 Tikonahar N/A
187 Tikrauli Tikrauli
188 Todarpur Todarpur
189 Ujnedi Ujnedi
190 Umrahat Umrahat
191 Vidokhar Medni Vidokhar Medni
192 Vidokhar Purai Vidokhar Purai

There are about 192 villages in hamirpur te



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