Hamilton (play)

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George Arliss and Jeanne Eagles
in Hamilton (1917)
Written byMary P. Hamlin
George Arliss
Date premieredSeptember 17, 1917
Place premieredKnickerbocker Theater
New York City
Original languageEnglish
SettingThe Exchange Coffee House, Philadelphia; Alexander Hamilton's house, Philadelphia.

Hamilton is a 1917 Broadway play about Alexander Hamilton, written by Mary P. Hamlin and George Arliss. It was directed by Dudley Digges and starred Arliss in the title role.[1] It follows the attempts of Hamilton to establish a new financial structure for the United States following the Confederation Period and the establishment of a new Constitution in 1787.

Mary Hamlin, then a 46-year-old high society woman and mother of four, claimed that playwriting was her "secret desire."[2]

In 1931, the film Alexander Hamilton was released. It was based on Hamlin's play and Arliss reprised the title role.[2]



Hamilton opened to positive reviews on Broadway. A review in the New York Post read, "Congratulations are due to Mary Hamlin and George Arliss upon the cordial public reception accorded to their play 'Hamilton,' upon the occasion of its first production in this city ... The piece is a welcome and, in some respects, notable addition to the small body of genuine American drama. ... it is a real play with real men and women in it, containing an appeal not only to popular taste, but to the attention of the intelligent theatergoer."[2]


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