HYDAC (company)

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Revenue€1.3 billion
Number of employees
> 8,000[1]

HYDAC is a German company group that specializes in the production and distribution of components and systems as well as services related to hydraulics and fluidics. Hydac is constituted of 15 legal entities,[2] all of which are GmbHs, companies with limited liabilities. CEOs for these companies are Alexander Dieter, Wolfgang Haering and Hartmut Herzog.[3] Subsidiaries exist in more than 10 countries.[4] In 2011, the company had approximately 5,500 employees.[5]


HYDAC was founded in 1963 by Werner Dieter and Ottmar Schön,[6] when an exclusive license for central Europe for a hydraulic accumulator was taken out.[7] The name HYDAC is an abbreviation for "hydraulic accumulator".[7]

Company structuring[edit]

In 2015, HYDAC had 9,000 employees, 50 subsidiaries, and 500 distribution and service partners. The company group is headquartered in Sulzbach (Saarland).[6] More than 3000 employees are employed in Sulzbach.[6]

In 2014, the subsidiary with the highest revenue was HYDAC Technology GmbH with revenues of 445.6 million and 384 employees.[8] In the same year, HYDAC International GmbH and its 466 employees, which is presently providing distribution services to the other subsidiaries of the group, had revenues of €75.9 million.[8]

The groups subsidiaries are:

  • HYDAC Technology GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Filtertechnik GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Fluidtechnik GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC International GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Verwaltung GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Electronic GmbH in Gersweiler / Saar
  • HYDAC Accessories GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Process Technology GmbH in Neunkirchen / Saar
  • HYDAC System GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Service GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC PTK Produktionstechnik GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Cooling GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Filter Systems GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Grundstücksverwaltung GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC FluidCareCenter GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDAC Drive Center GmbH in Langenau
  • HYDAC Speichertechnik GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • HYDROSAAR GmbH in Sulzbach / Saar
  • Kraeft GmbH Systemtechnik in Bremerhaven
  • NORDHYDRAULIC in Kramfors, Sweden
  • QHP in Chester, England
  • BIERI in Liebefeld, Switzerland
  • HYCOM in Apeldoorn, Netherlands


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