Gudmund Seland

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Gudmund Seland (11 November 1907 – 1996) was a Norwegian resistance member and newspaper editor.

Seland was born in Flekkefjord.[1] He worked as a book printer before the Second World War,[2] but together with his brother Johannes Seland he was involved in the resistance movement during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany.[1]

Seland was arrested on 4 April 1944, and was held at Gestapo Headquarters in Kristiansand (in what had been the State Archive building). From 5 August 1944 until Victory in Europe Day (8 May 1945) Seland was imprisoned in Grini concentration camp.[2]

After the war he became deputy mayor of Nes, serving as mayor from 1952 to 1956.[3] He was an editor for the newspaper Agder from 1954.[4] He stepped down and sold the newspaper in 1970.[5] Seland also wrote books on local history.[1] He died in 1996.[1]


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