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Prime Minister Grenville

The Grenville ministry was a British Government headed by George Grenville which served between 16 April 1763 and 13 July 1765. It was formed after the previous Prime Minister, the Earl of Bute, had resigned following fierce criticism of his signing of the Treaty of Paris with its perceived lenient terms for France and Spain despite Britain's successes in the Seven Years War. Grenville's government was made up largely of the same members as Bute's had. George III had a violent dislike of the new government because of his resentment of the way they had replaced his favourite Bute.[1]

During its two years, the Ministry confronted growing discontent in Britain's American colonies which were to lead to the American War of Independence breaking out in 1775. The Ministry also had to deal with the antics of John Wilkes.

The King's violent dislike of Grenville eventually forced him to dismiss him as first minister and replaced him with the Marquess of Rockingham, whom he hated almost equally.


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office
*1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
Secretary of State for the Southern Department1763 (1763)1763 (1763)
1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
1765 (1765)1765 (1765)
Secretary of State for the Northern Department1763 (1763)1763 (1763)
1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
1765 (1765)1765 (1765)
Lord Chancellor1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
Lord President of the Council1763 (1763)1763 (1763)
1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
1765 (1765)1765 (1765)
Lord Privy Seal1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
First Lord of the Admiralty1763 (1763)1763 (1763)
1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
Master-General of the Ordnance1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
Paymaster of the Forces1763 (1763)1765 (1765)
Lord Chamberlain1763 (1763)1765 (1765)


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