Greeks in South Africa

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Greek South Africans
Έλληνες Νοτιοαφρικανοί
Greek Orthodox Church 1912 Kallenbach.jpg
Greek Orthodox Saints Constantine and Helen Cathedral in Hillbrow, Johannesburg
Total population
120,000 (estimate)[1]

50,000-60,000 (estimate)[2]

120,000 (estimate, 1970)[3]
70,000 (estimate, 1990)[3]
40,000 (estimate, 2012)[4]

35,000 (estimate, 2022)[3][5]
Greek Orthodox Church
Related ethnic groups
Mediterraneans, Turkish South Africans, Italian South Africans, Portuguese South Africans
Map of the top 50 countries with the largest Greek communities.

Greek South Africans are South Africans of Greek ancestry from Greece and Cyprus.

Greek immigration to South Africa (at its highest in the 60s, with 10 790 immigrants) peaked in 1965 (Damanakis 2003). It gradually began to decline in the 70s and after 1994 many Greeks returned to Greece to retire, or because they harboured fears about the changing political situation in South Africa. The community has since decreased from an estimated 120,000 to 40,000.[4]

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