Government of Sindh

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Government of Sindh
Provincial Government Seal
Provincial Government Flag
Seat of government Karachi
SpeakerAgha Siraj Durrani
GovernorKamran Tessori[2]
Chief SecretaryDr. Muhammad Fakhre Alam[3]
Chief MinisterMaqbool Baqar (caretaker)[4]
High CourtSindh High Court
Chief justice of High CourtAhmed Ali Sheikh

The Government of Sindh (Sindhi: حڪومت سنڌ; Urdu: حکومت سندھ) is the provincial government of the Pakistani province of Sindh. Its powers and structure are set out in the provisions of the National Constitution, in which 30 districts of 7 divisions come under its authority and jurisdiction.

The province's head is the Chief Secretary is appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Chief Secretary of Sindh is usually a Grade 22 officer, belonging to the Pakistan Administrative Service.

Although the Governor is the head of the province on paper, it is largely a ceremonial position; and the main powers lie with the Chief Minister of Sindh and Chief Secretary of Sindh.

The province is governed by a unicameral legislature with the head of government known as the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister, invariably a leader of a political party represented in the Assembly, selects members of the provincial Cabinet.

The terms Government of Sindh or Sindh Government are often used in official documents. The seat of Government is in Karachi, thus serving as the capital of the province.


The Chief Secretary Sindh, as head of the provincial bureaucracy, is the boss of the province. The provincial Chief Secretary of Grade-22 is equivalent in rank to a Federal Secretary, is appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Under him comes the entire Government of Sindh.

Currently, there are only 5 Grade-21 Officers in the province.

Grade-21 Officers Serving in Sindh[5]
No. Name of Officer Posting Service
1. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Memon Commissioner Karachi Division Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS)
2. Baqaullah Unar ACS/Senior Member Board of Revenue Sindh Provincial Civil Service (ex-PCS)
3. Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Shaikh Chairman Enquiries & Anti-Corruption Establishment Provincial Civil Service (ex-PCS)
4. Makhdoom Shakeel-uz-Zaman Chairman Chief Minister’s Inspection, Enquiries & Implementation Team Provincial Civil Service (ex-PCS)
5. Abdul Rasheed Solangi Secretary Information Department Provincial Civil Service (ex-PCS)
6. Abdul Rahim Soomro Secretary Culture, Tourism, Antiquities & Archives Department Provincial Civil Service (ex-PCS)
7. Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah Member, Sindh Board of Revenue Provincial Civil Service (ex-PCS)
8. Saeed Ahmed Awan Secretary Public Health Engineering & Rural Development department Provincial Civil Service (ex-PCS)


At the Ministerial level, each department is headed by a Provincial Secretary. The Secretary is in-charge of all workings of their department, and in most cases are the Principal Accounting Officers of their department. Provincial Secretaries are usually Grade-20 Officers. There may also be Grade-21 Secretaries, in cases where the post has not been upgraded by the Chief Minister to that of an Additional Chief Secretary.

Apart from the Ministerial level, the Government of Sindh exercises its powers and function through Divisions and Districts. The Commissioners are in-charge of Divisions while Deputy Commissioners are in-charge of Districts. Commissioners report directly to the Chief Secretary are responsibly for everything in their Divisions. There are 6 Divisions, namely; Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpurkhas, and Shaheed Benazirbad. Commissioners are usually Officers of the rank of Grade-20 while the Commissioner Karachi Division is of the Grade-21 rank, as Karachi Division is the most important Division in all of Pakistan.


Top Executive Offices Name's of Officials Service/Party Rank
Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah Pakistan People's Party None
Chief Secretary Dr. Sohail Rajput PAS BS-22
Chairman Enquiries & Anti-Corruption Establishment Muhammad Nawaz Shaikh PSS BS-21
Chairman Planning and Development Board Syed Hassan Naqvi PAS BS-20
Commissioner Karachi Division Muhammad Iqbal Memon PAS BS-21
Secretary Finance Department Asif Jahangir PSS BS-20


Ministry Level[edit]

Ministry level departments are usually headed by a Secretary who reports to the Chief Secretary and Chief Minister. The number of ministers in the cabinet is fixed, so a single minister can have multiple portfolios.[6]

  • Planning & Development Board
    • Planning & Development Department
  • Services, General Administration, Coordination Department
    • Services Wing
    • General Administration Wing
    • Inter Provincial Coordination Wing
    • I&C Wing
    • Training Management & Research Management Wing
  • Board of Revenue
  • Enquiries & Anti-Corruption Establishment
  • Local Government, Housing & Town Planning Department
  • Home Department
  • Chief Minister's  Inspection, Enquiries & Implementation Team
  • Universities and Boards Department
  • Food Department
  • Finance Department
  • Health Department
  • Culture, Tourism, Antiquities & Archives Department
  • Livestock & Fisheries  Department
  • Auqaf, Religious Affairs, Zakat & Ushr Department
  • Works & Services Department
  • Information Department
  • Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control
  • Population Welfare Department
  • Labour & Human Resources Department
  • Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department
  • Irrigation Department
  • Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department
  • Forest  Department
  • Sindh Wildlife Department
  • Information, Science & Technology Department
  • Cooperative Department
  • Women Development Department
  • Transport & Mass Transit Department
  • Industries & Commerce Department
  • Human Settlement Department
  • Social Welfare Department
  • Mines & Minerals Development Department
  • Rehabilitation Department
  • Energy Department
  • Sports & Youth Affairs Department
  • Public Health Engineering & Rural Development Department
  • College Education Department
  • School Education & Literacy Department
  • Environment, Climate Change & Coastal Development Department
  • Investment Department
  • Minorities Affairs Department
  • Human Rights Department

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