Government Mental Health Centre, Kozhikode

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Government Mental Health Centre, Kozhikode
Government of Kerala
LocationCalicut, Kerala, India
Care systemPublic
Affiliated universityMinistry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Kerala
Emergency departmentYes

Government Mental Health Centre, Kozhikode is a public mental health institution and hospital run by Government of Kerala, located at Puthiyara Pottamal Road, Kozhikode, Kerala.[1] The hospital serves northern Kerala and neighbouring states.

Notable people[edit]

  • Dr S. Santhakumar, who was appointed as the superintendent of the hospital in 1962. He was the first qualified psychiatrist in the history of the hospital.[2]
  • Dr. R.L. Saritha, former superintendent of the hospital and now serves as the director of health services, Government of Kerala.[3]
  • Dr. N. Rajendran, former superintendent of the hospital.[4]
  • Dr K.C. Remasan, superintendent (2018 to present).[5]


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