Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad (vizier)

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Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad ibn Rashid al-Din Fadlallah (died 1336) was a Persian bureaucrat under the Ilkhanate, who served as the vizier of the last Ilkhan Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan (r. 1316–1335) from 1327 to 1335. Ghiyath al-Din was the son of Rashid al-Din Hamadani (executed in 1318), the distinguished historian and vizier of the Ilkhans Ghazan Khan (r. 1295–1304) and Öljaitü (r. 1304–1316).[1]

Ghiyath al-Din was notably a patron of arts. In the 1330s, various works were dedicated to him by prominent figures such as the poets Awhadi Maraghai, Khwaju Kermani, and Salman Savaji; scholars such as Qazi Adud al-Din Iji; and historians such as Hamdallah Mustawfi and Shabankara'i.[1][2]


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