George Washington (Bartholomew)

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George Washington
Washington Monument
George Washington Sculpture (1857, Edward Sheffield Bartholomew, sculptor; George Mann and Son, niche-base), Druid Hill Park, Swann Drive, Baltimore, MD 21217 (33632065775).jpg
Sculpture in 2017
ArtistEdward Sheffield Bartholomew
Year1857 (1857)
LocationBaltimore, Maryland, U.S.
OwnerCity of Baltimore

George Washington is a statue of the first president of the United States by the same name located in Baltimore, Maryland. Erected in 1857 in, the sculpture is located at the main entrance of Druid Hill Park.[1]


Created by famed sculptor Edward Sheffield Bartholomew, the George Washington statue was relocated to Druid Hill Park in 1885.[2] It was moved from old Carroll Hall building at the southwest corner of Calvert and Baltimore Streets.[3]

In June 2020, the historic statue was defaced with red paint and vandalized with graffiti in response to the murder of George Floyd.[4]

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