Statue of George Washington (Philadelphia)

Coordinates: 39°56′56″N 75°09′00″W / 39.94899°N 75.15001°W / 39.94899; -75.15001 (George Washington)
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George Washington
The statue in 2011
39°56′56″N 75°09′00″W / 39.94899°N 75.15001°W / 39.94899; -75.15001 (George Washington)
LocationIndependence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
DesignerJoseph A. Bailly
Length79 centimetres (31 in)
Width79 centimetres (31 in)
Height260 centimetres (100 in)
Dedicated date1869 (marble original)
1910 (bronze reproduction)
Dedicated toGeorge Washington

George Washington is a statue of United States President George Washington. Created by Joseph A. Bailly, it is located at Independence Hall, Philadelphia on Chestnut street between 5th and 6th streets.[1]

History and notable features[edit]

The white marble original of this statue, which was installed on the north side of Independence Hall, was dedicated on July 2, 1869, by mayor Daniel M. Fox.[2] It is now located in Conversation Hall, Philadelphia City Hall.[3]

A bronze replica replaced the original. Sculpted by Joseph Alexis Bailly (1825-1883), it stands approximately eight feet, six inches tall and was cast circa 1910 by the Roman Bronze Works, fabricated by P. Reinhalter & Company, and was then dedicated in October 1910. It sits on a base that is approximately six feet, eight inches tall that was made from marble and granite supplied by the Richmond Granite Company.[4]

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