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Doulos SIL glyphs for Majuscule and minuscule g̃.

/ is a letter which combines the common letter G with a tilde.

The letter does not exist in many alphabets. Examples of alphabets with this letter are:

Computer encoding[edit]

Unicode encodes g with tilde with a combining diacritical mark (U+0303 ◌̃ COMBINING TILDE), rather than a precomposed character. As such, the tilde may not align properly with some typefaces and systems. Additionally, owing to the difficulties in inputting this character, Guarani speakers often replace it with g with circumflex (ĝ) or omit the diacritic altogether.[1]

Letter Unicode sequence HTML
U+0047 U+0303 G ̃
U+0067 U+0303 g ̃


  1. ^ Redish, Laura; Lewis, Orrin. "Guarani Pronunciation and Spelling Guide". Native Languages of the Americas. Retrieved 16 September 2015. Most Guarani speakers don't use this character, instead spelling this sound the same as a plain g.