Fresno River Viaduct

Coordinates: 36°58′59″N 120°01′45″W / 36.983069°N 120.029177°W / 36.983069; -120.029177
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The Fresno River Viaduct near completion in February 2017
Aerial view of the viaduct near completion in August 2017

The Fresno River Viaduct is a bridge to carry California High-Speed Rail over Route 145, the Fresno River, and Raymond Road in Madera County, California.[1]

It was completed in 2018,[2] the first permanent structure built for CAHSR.[3] The site is just east of the city limits of Madera, California,[3] about 20 miles northwest of the planned Fresno high-speed rail station and about 10 miles southeast of the planned Chowchilla Wye.[4] Because the site is downstream from the John Franchi Diversion Dam, the riverbed is normally dry unless heavy rains cause the dam to overtop.[5][6] The bridge is 1,600 feet long[1] and 25 feet high,[3] and runs parallel to the BNSF Railway bridge over the Fresno River.[7]


Construction began in June 2015.[1] Initial work consisted of assembling rebar cages for the bridge columns and pouring concrete.[7] In August 2015, temporary cofferdams were erected to excavate sand to construct the bridge's structural supports.[8] By the end of October 2015, the work on the piles had ended and the rebar skeletons of the 16 columns had been erected.[9]

In late March 2016, concrete began to be poured for the bridge's superstructure.[10] In October 2016, the final span of the bridge was being constructed and the rest of the deck was complete, with preparations commencing for installation of the deck's barrier wall.[11]

A year later, in September 2017, the bridge's structure was largely complete, although track and electrical work remained for a future phase of construction.[12]


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