Foundation Hindu Media

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Foundation Hindu Media /
Organisatie Hindoe Media
TypePublic broadcaster
FoundedFebruary 10, 1993
Official website

The Foundation Hindu Media,[1] Dutch: Organisatie Hindoe Media (abbr. OHM), was a special broadcaster on the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system, which was allowed to broadcast on radio and television because of their religious background. They made programming for the Dutch Hindu community.

OHM was one of the "2.42 broadcasters" (named after the Article 2.42 of the Mediawet, the Dutch media law, which allowed faith-based broadcasters to get airtime on radio and TV without having to have any members).

On January 1, 2016, the broadcasters in the NPO were reduced to eight,[2] and the 2.42-broadcasters, including OHM, ceased to exist. NTR became responsible for producing programming for Hindu people.[3]

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