Flag of the Republic of Kosova

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Republic of Kosova
UseSmall vexillological symbol or pictogram in black and white showing the different uses of the flag
DesignA red flag with a black double-headed eagle centered in the hoist half, similar to the flag of Albania
Designed byŽeljko Heimer
Tomislav Todorović

The flag of the former Republic of Kosova (1991–2000)[1] consists of a red flag with a black double-headed eagle centered in the hoist half, similar to the flag of Albania.[2] After the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and the creation of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) in June 1999,[3] the flag and the Republic of Kosova were both abolished.


The flag was adopted by the Republic of Kosova in 1991 as a variation of the Albanian flag and used throughout the country. In June 1999,[3] with the passing of Resolution 1244 and the establishment of UNMIK, the Republic of Kosova ceased to exist along with the flag. The flag had little to no recognition when it was used, only being seen in referendums, general elections and TV reports.[2]

When UNMIK was established, the flag was seen up until 2000, when it was replaced with the Albanian flag. In the Preševo Valley, the flag was used during the insurgency until 2001,[2] when the Yugoslav Army took back the Ground Safety Zone and occupied areas by the Liberation Army of Preševo, Medveđa and Bujanovac (UÇPMB).[4]

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