Flag of Utrecht

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Municipality of Utrecht
Flag of the Municipality of Utrecht
Adopted5 July 1990 (officially, current)
DesignDiagonally divided, with the upper right section being white and the lower left being red

The flag of Utrecht was adopted on the 5 July 1990 by the city council of Utrecht. The municipality's flag consists of two diagonally divided red and white pennons.[1]


The flag of Utrecht originates from the medieval period, during which the city's militia was divided into two factions each symbolised by a single white and a single red monochromatic, triangular pennant. The municipality's contemporary flag represents the merger of these two pennants and adheres to a proportion of 2:3.[2]

Historic flags prominently featured of Saint Martin, the municipality's patron saint, depicted on horseback cutting his red cloak to give to an individual in need.[3]



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