Flag of Tatarstan

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Adopted29 November 1991
DesignRed and green divided by a white fimbriation.
Designed byTawil Xaciəxmətov (Тавил Хаҗиәхмәтов)

The flag of Tatarstan; (Russian: Флаг Татарста́на, Flag Tatarstana, Tatar: Татарстан байрагы, Tatarstan bayrağı); a republic of Russia, was introduced in 1991.


The Supreme Council of the Tatar Soviet Socialist Republic adopted the flag on 29 November 1991 in its present form.[1] It was designed by T.G. Khaziakhmetov.[2]

The colours represent the Tatar majority and the Russian minority.

  • The Red band symbolises the fight for happiness, bravery, and courage of the Tatar people.
  • The White band symbolises peace, concord and an honest future between the Tatars and the Russians.
  • The Green band symbolises hope, freedom, wealth and solidarity with Islam.[1]

Tatar nationalists such as the All-Tatar Public Center use a different flag, divided diagonally by red and green and containing a white star and crescent in the center.

Historical flags[edit]

Proposed flags[edit]


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