Flag of Polesia

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The proposed flag of Polesia.

The flag of Polesia, also known as the flag of Poleshuks, is a proposed flag of the ethnic group of Poleshuks, the indigenous population of the historical region of Polesia at the border of Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. The flag was suggested around 1990 by the Poleshuk cultural organization of Etvyz. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes, which are, dark blue, yellow, and green.[1]


The pennant of Etvyz organization, featuring the flag of Polesia, in 1990.

The first known appearance of the flag dates to 1990, when it was used by the cultural organization of Polisse (West Polesian: Полісьсе; Belarusian: Палессе, transcription: Paliessie), an organization of Poleshuk people. Over time, Polisse changed its name to Etvyz (West Polesian: Етвызь; Belarusian: Яцьвезь, transcription: Yatsvez). The authorship of the flag is sometimes credited to Nikolai Shelyagovich, who was the leader of the organization, and the candidate for the president of Belarus in the 1994 Belarusian presidential election.[1]


The flag is divided into three horizontal stripes, which are, from top to bottom, dark blue, yellow, and green.[1]


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