Flag of Belgorod Oblast

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Belgorod Oblast
Adopted22 June 2000[1]
DesignA blue cross with four cantons (white, green, black and red) and the coat of arms on the white canton.

The flag of Belgorod Oblast, a federal subject of Russia, was adopted on June 22, 2000.[2] The flag consists of a blue cross, the four cantons colored (clockwise from top left) white, green, black and red. The white canton is charged with the coat of arms of Belgorod Oblast, consisting of a lion at rest and an eagle above it.[3] The ratio of the flag is 2:3.[4]

Other flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
?–present Flag of Belgorod city
?–present Flag of Alexeyevka
?–present Flag of Gubkin
?–present Flag of Shebekino
?–present Flag of Stary Oskol
?–present Flag of Valuyki
?–present Flag of Alexeyevsky District
?–present Flag of Belgorodsky District
?–present Made in Borisovsky District
?–present Flag of Chernyansky District
?–present Flag of Gubkinsky District
?–present Flag of Ivnyansky District
?–present Flag of Krasnensky District
?–present Flag of Krasnogvardeysky District
?–present Flag of Krasnoyaruzhsky District
?–present Flag of Novooskolsky District
?–present Flag of Prokhorovsky District
?–present Flag of Rakityansky District
?–present Flag of Rovensky District
?–present Flag of Shebekinsky District
?–present Flag of Starooskolsky District
?–present Flag of Valuysky District
2015–present Flag of Veydelevsky District
?–present Flag of Volokonovsky District
?–present Flag of Yakovlevsky District


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