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العربية: علم العراق
Kurdî: Alaya Iraq
ܐܪܡܝܐ : ܐܬܐ ܕܥܝܪܐܩ
Türkmençe: Yrak baýdagy
Čeština: Irácká vlajka
Zazaki: Desmale Iraq
English: Flag of Iraq
Esperanto: Flago de Irako
Español: Bandera de Iraq
فارسی: پرچم عراق
Français : Drapeau de l'Irak
Nederlands: Vlag van Irak
Polski: Flaga Iraku
Русский: Флаг Ирака
Slovenščina: Zastava Iraka
Soomaaliga: Calanka Ciraaq
Türkçe: Irak bayrağı
Українська: Прапор Іраку
Date 22 January 2008 (current version); 31 July 1963 (original version).

Own work. This vector image and its matching construction sheet are based on the Government flag image shown at Several very small adjustments have been applied to improve symmetry, character alignment, and character spacing. Note that the flag image shown on the government web page (and referenced above) is very likely derived from a previous version of this Wikimedia file.

Flag of Iraq (construction sheet).svg

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  • It is one of "collections of official documents, such as texts of international laws, regulations and agreements, judicial judgements and various official documents."
  • It is the work of a body corporate, public or private, published by January 1st, 1980 (Article 20, 1971 law).

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Copyright notes
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Iraq has enacted Law No. 3 of 1971 on Copyright (Arabic) which came into force on 21 January 1971. Iraq has enacted Regulation No. 10 of 1985 on the National Committee for the Protection of Copyright (Arabic) which came into force on 2 September 1985. Iraq has enacted Order No. 83, Amendment to the Copyright Law (Arabic) (unofficial English (WIPO) translation) which came into force on 1 May 2004.
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Other versions
System-search.svgSee also: en:Flag of Iraq.
Used colors:
     red rendered as RGB 205 017 037
     white rendered as RGB 255 255 255
     green rendered as RGB 000 123 061
     black rendered as RGB 000 000 000
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Flag of Iraq.svg

[[File:Flag of Iraq.svg|border|96x176px]]

Interpretation of the colors

Scheme Textile colour
Red The Hashemite dynasty, bloody struggle for freedom.
White The Umayyad dynasty, bright and peaceful future.
Green The Islam, the takbīr (the phrase Allahu akbar, meaning "God is great" in Arabic)
Black The Abbasid dynasty,

Colours scheme: valid for iraqi flags 1963-present [1]

Red White Green Black
RGB 205/17/37 255/255/255 1/123/61 0/0/0
Hexadecimal #cd1125 #ffffff #017b3d #000000ff
CMYK 0/92/82/20 0/0/0/0 99/0/50/52 0/0/0/100


Flag of Iraq since 1963 although was modified in 2008 (the current version)

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22 January 2008


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