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Feminist Philosophy Quarterly
Edited bySamantha Brennan, Carla Fehr, Alice MacLachlan, Kathryn Norlock
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ISO 4Fem. Philos. Q.

Feminist Philosophy Quarterly (FPQ) is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting feminist philosophical scholarship.[1] Founded on 22 July 2015,[2] the journal is published quarterly and strives to include and incorporate the entirety of feminist philosophy across the world and including different traditions. The editors-in-chief are Samantha Brennan, Carla Fehr, Alice MacLachlan,[3] and Kathryn Norlock; Brennan also served as a co-founder of the journal.[4][5]

The journal aims to enhance feminist philosophers' and women's position in the philosophical sphere and the world at large, as well as being a platform for philosophical research that engages the issues faced by wider society. FPQ prioritises aligning itself with people who work towards fighting oppression and achieving equality and fairness.[6]

Taking issues of bias in publication seriously, FPQ has a triple-anonymous review policy. This means that authors, editors, and reviewers are all anonymous to one another. In addition to publishing peer reviewed scholarly articles, the journal also publishes a variety of invited and submitted symposia.

FPQ's online platform is hosted by Digital Commons (powered by bepress) at Scholarship at Western, in turn by Western University.


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