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A passage grave in Luttra in Falbygden, Sweden.

Falbygden is a geographical area, centered at the town of Falköping in Västergötland, in southwestern Sweden, and covered mostly by farmland. Most of the area belongs to Falköping Municipality and the west part of Tidaholm Municipality. In mediaeval times the area belonged to the hundreds Frökind, Gudhem, Vartofta, and Vilske. It is known for its geology, flora and megalithic culture.

Neolithic period in Falbygden[edit]

Iron Age[edit]

Mediaeval Falbygden[edit]

The Falbygden area has many mediaeval churches, since almost every parish in the area had a Romanesque church built in the late 11th, 12th, or early 13th century.

Museums in Falbygden[edit]

General sources[edit]

  • Falbygdens Hembygds- och Fornminnesförening, Falbygden (1927-) periodical.
  • Falbygdens museum, Forntid på Falbygden (1995).
  • Falbygdens museum, se spåren på Falbygden - ....och tusen år till - fortsätter i landskapet (2000).

Coordinates: 58°11′N 13°39′E / 58.183°N 13.650°E / 58.183; 13.650