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Fémina in 2012 (from left to right: Sofía "Toti" Trucco, Clara Miglioli, and Clara "Wewi" Trucco)
Fémina in 2012 (from left to right: Sofía "Toti" Trucco, Clara Miglioli, and Clara "Wewi" Trucco)
Background information
OriginSan Martín de los Andes, Argentina
Years active2004-present
  • Clara "Wewi" Trucco
  • Sofía "Toti" Trucco
  • Clara Miglioli

Fémina is an Argentine folk and fusion trio from San Martín de los Andes, Argentina.


Fémina in 2019 at Rudolstadt-Festival, Germany

In 2004, friends Clara Miglioli and Sofía "Toti" Trucco formed Fémina in San Martín de los Andes, Argentina.[1][2][3] The trio's name Fémina means female in Latin.[4] The trio chose the name because they liked its sound and message.[4] Band member Toti elaborated "there were not too many female rappers. It was a way to represent our girl."[4] Miglioli met the Trucco sisters when she was four years old.[5] After completing high school, the duo moved to Buenos Aires at the age of 19.[1] They were later joined by Toti's younger sister Clara "Wewi" Trucco on percussion.[1][6] There, they met and became friends with other rappers including Koxmoz and Apolo MC.[7] In addition to music, both Miglioli and the Trucco sisters have a background in acting and vocal training.[8] Fémina has toured in Latin America, Europe, and the United States.[9][10] In 2018, they performed at the Sydney Festival in Australia.[11] In an August 2017 interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, the group announced they are working on a new album with producer Will Holland.[12][13][14] Several tracks will feature Iggy Pop.[13][15][16]


Their music often comprises harmonies and poetic rap in Spanish.[8] Themes of their songs typically incorporate folklore, feminism, and Patagonia with an urban twist.[17][18] In addition, messages of gender inequality, love, and unity can be found throughout their tracks.[19] They were influenced by many artists including Clarice Lispector, Fernando Pessoa, The Roots, Pete Rock, Cypress Hill, and Lauryn Hill.[7][20]


Sofía "Toti" Trucco[edit]

Toti is 38–39 years old and was raised in San Martín de los Andes.[19] After graduating from high school, she moved to Buenos Aires.[1] Like her younger sister, Wewi, Toti is also a percussionist. She frequently incorporates flamenco cajón in their music.[8] Toti is also a dancer.[21] She is working on a project with Luis Maurette and is enrolled in a hip hop history and dance classes.[21] Outside of Fémina, Toti performs in the Buenos Aires underground as Sof Tot. She recorded an unreleased EP with Uji who also goes by Luis Maurette of the band Lulacruza.[22]

Clara Miglioli[edit]

Miglioli is 38–39 years old and was raised in San Martín de los Andes.[19] Growing up in Patagonia, Miglioli learned about hip hop through watching video cassettes of MTV.[7] She enjoyed lisining to Tupac Shakur and Cypress Hill.[7] At the age of 19, Miglioli moved to Bueno Aires where she studied with actor Pompeyo Audivert [es] who inspired her to write.[7] She wrote poetry in addition to her participation in the band.[1] Miglioli is the primary vocalist of Fémina.[8] Outside of Fémina, Miglioli releases music under the name Claridad.[22] She independently released a rap fusion solo album titled Sublime.[21][22] Together with her brother, Oli Miglioli, Clara formed the band Hermandad.[22]

Clara "Wewi" Trucco[edit]

Wewi is 31–32 years old and was raised in San Martín de los Andes.[19] She is the younger sister of Toti and the newest member of Fémina. Self described as a percussionist, Wewi plays the guitar and the Bolivian ronroco.[8] She is also a visual artist and illustrator, who, at first, moved to Buenos Aires to pursue a career in the arts.[19][21] Outside of Fémina, Wewi formed Weste, an indie folk band composed of herself and Uruguayan musician Igna Pérez.[23] They released their debut album Visceras featuring a mixture of folk-rap and indie pop.[21][22]



Title Album details
Deshice de mí
  • Release Date: 7 October 2011[6]
  • Release Date: 2014
Perlas & Conchas
  • Release Date: 2019


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