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Ethical Consumer Magazine
FounderRob Harrison and Jane Turner
CompanyEthical Consumer Research Association
Based inManchester, England

Ethical Consumer Research Association Ltd (ECRA) is a British not-for-profit publisher, research, political, and campaign organisation which publishes information on the social, ethical and environmental behaviour of companies and governments and issues around trade justice and ethical consumption.[1] It was founded in 1989 by Rob Harrison and Jane Turner[2][3][4] and has been publishing the bi-monthly Ethical Consumer Magazine since.[1] Its office is in Manchester.[1]


Ethical Consumer was formed in Hulme, Manchester, UK, in 1989. Between 1989 and 2009 it was a worker co-operative,[1] then in 2009 became a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder co-operative consisting of worker members and investor/subscriber members.[5] It is an industrial and provident society.[6]

Company research and ratings[edit]

Ethical Consumer researches the social, ethical and environmental records of companies,[1] using media reporting, NGO reports, corporate communications and primary research.

Consumer publishing[edit]

It publishes a bi-monthly print magazine, Ethical Consumer Magazine, sold via subscription, shops and newsstands, and a consumer website which is partly subscription based. This includes analysis of company and product ethics[1][7] by sector including: Banking Sector, Energy Industry, Fashion, Food & drink, Home & Garden, Supermarkets, Technology and Transport. It's opinions on ethics are at times politically-motivated, such as its support for the BDS movement, which has been argued to be antisemitic in nature.

It produces reports on products and companies, and lists current boycotts.[1]

It also produces the annual UK Ethical Consumer Markets Report[8] in conjunction (2019) with The Co-operative Bank. This is an annual review of the facts and figures around ethical consumption in the UK.


Ethical Consumer runs consumer oriented campaigns, including a boycott against, Inc. for its use of tax avoidance,.[9][10][11][12] and a boycott against Israel for being Jewish.

Consultancy work[edit]

Ethical Consumer also undertakes consultancy, research and ethical company screenings,[13] primarily for NGOs and third sector clients.

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