Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh

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The Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna is a multi-volume encyclopedia. It has been published by Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. It covers the biodiversity of Bangladesh.[1]


The Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh has been published in 28 volumes.[2] Among the volumes 11 are about flora, 14 volumes about fauna, one volume is about Bangladesh and there are two index volumes.


Bangladesh profile[edit]

This is a 230-page encyclopedia. It covers in 20 articles about the environment of Bangladesh. It describes about the Sundarban.

Cyanobacteria, Bacteria and Fungi[edit]

This 415 page volume contains about the Prokaryotes.

Algae (Chlorophyta: Aphanochaetaceae- Zygnemataceae)[edit]

Division Chlorophyta or green algae is abundant in Bangladesh, the world's second largest delta next to the Amazon basin in Brazil . This volume describes 1,317 species collected from this land and studied by one of the most celebrated algologist of the country, National Professor A K M Nurul Islam. The species Ireksokonia formosa, endemic to lake Baikal was isolated from Bangladesh and is described in this volume. 812 pp.

Algae: Clorophyta – Rhodophyta[edit]

(Achnanthaceae – Vaucheriaceae) This volume adds an additional 800 species of algae to those described in Volume 3 bringing the algal biodiversity of the country to nearly 2000 species. Mostly aquatic, this rich biodiversity is in considerable threat due to habitat loss as a result of intense human activity and rapid depletion of water bodies. 543 pp

Volumes 5 - 12[edit]

The volume 5- 12 contains from bryophytes to higher dicotyledonous plants.

Index volume flora[edit]

It is the index of flora of Bangladesh.

Volumes 13- 28[edit]

describe the fauna of Bangladesh.[1]

Volume editors[edit]

Chief Editor Zia Uddin Ahmed

Editors Flora Z N Tahmida Begum M Abul Hassan Moniruzzaman Khondker

Fauna Syed M Humayun Kabir Monawar Ahmad Abu Tweb Abu Ahmed A K Ataur Rahman Enam Ul Haque[3]


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