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    Siskiyou Rising Tide is an American direct action group based in Southern Oregon. Originally known as Southern Oregon Rising Tide, the group was founded in 2015 to oppose the Jordan Cove Energy Project and LNG Pacific Connector Pipeline.

    As a part of the Rising Tide North America network, Siskiyou Rising Tide has supported a wide array of social justice causes related to climate change, homelessness, LGBTQ+ rights, and mutual aid.


    Siskiyou Rising Tide (formerly Southern Oregon Rising Tide) was founded in 2015. The group "promot[es] community-based solutions to the climate crisis and taking direct action to confront the root causes of climate change."[1] The group was founded to oppose the Jordan Cove Energy Project and related LNG Pacific Connector Pipeline, a 229-mile liquefied natural gas pipeline proposed to run through Southern Oregon.[2]

    Siskiyou Rising Tide supported numerous protests against the Pacific Connector pipeline, including a 2019 sit-in in Oregon Governor Kate Brown's office where 21 protestors were arrested.[3] [4] The group also participated in protests against the financial backers of the Jordan Cove pipeline and disrupted Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s 2019 inaugural speech at the Oregon Capitol.[5] Amidst widespread opposition from Indigenous communities, affected landowners, and environmental groups, the $8 billion Jordan Cove Energy Project was canceled in 2021.[6][7]

    Siskiyou Rising Tide has hosted direct action trainings and educational events, including a climate action camp for youth.[8] The group also published a "pipeline story map" documenting the impact the Pacific Connector Pipeline would have on Southern Oregon's forests, animals, watershed and Indigenous communities.[9]

    In 2019, The Guardian revealed that the FBI and Oregon law enforcement were monitoring Indigenous and environmental groups for opposing the Jordan Cove Energy Project, including Siskiyou Rising Tide.[10] A subsequent investigation from The Intercept and Type Investigations documented how the surveillance of Siskiyou Rising Tide and other groups was funded by the oil company Pembina, with cooperation from the Department of Homeland Security, the Oregon TITAN Fusion Center, and the global public relations firm Teneo.[11][12]

    Additional Activities[edit]

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Siskiyou Rising Tide and other associated environmental groups expanded their focus to include organizing around a broad array of social issues.[13] During the 2020 Almeda fires, which burned over 3,000 structures in Southern Oregon, Siskiyou Rising Tide was active in local mutual aid and fire relief efforts.[14][15]

    In 2021, Siskiyou Rising Tide supported the creation of Judi's Midnight Diner, a mobile street outreach and mutual aid project serving unhoused community members in Medford, Oregon.[16] Members of the group have also spoken out against anti-homeless ecofascism.[17]

    In 2022, Siskiyou Rising Tide coauthored a report alleging that a Southern Oregon pastor named Chad McComas had promoted conversion therapy at his church in Medford, Oregon.[18] At the time, McComas was the executive director of Rogue Retreat, the largest provider of homeless shelters and services in Southern Oregon. The report led to significant controversy throughout the region and a loss of funding for Rogue Retreat, and McComas was terminated from his position with Rogue Retreat.[19] [20]

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