Dorothy Hayes Sater

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Dorothy "Dottie" Hayes Sater (March 12, 1931 – March 14, 2012) was a television reporter in Omaha, Nebraska.[1][2]


As a journalism student at the Municipal University of Omaha, Dorothy joined the staff at WOW Radio and TV in 1952.[1] Although she was classified as a secretary, she worked as a reporter and photographer, and is considered by some to be the first full-time television reporter in Omaha.[1] For a portion of her time at WOW, she was the only woman reporter in Omaha.[3] She was a founding member of the Omaha Press Club and also its first woman president.[3][2]

She left WOW in 1959 over a pay dispute,[1] and then went to work for the Municipal University of Omaha General Printing and Information Office.[3] She changed jobs several times, and the final career from which she retired was public relations spokesperson for the Immanuel Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.[1][4]

She died in 2012 and posthumously received the Omaha Press Club Foundation Career Achievement Award.[1]


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