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The Doordarshi Party (Hindi: दूरदर्शी; also written as Door Darshi Party) was a political party in India. It was founded in Ahmedabad on 24 March 1980 by religious leader Baba Jai Gurudev on a platform of social reform and spiritual growth. The party did not receive significant support and withdrew from electoral politics in 1997.[1]

Doordarshi Party Manifesto[edit]

The Doordarshi Party campaigned with pledges to address issues including:

  • Reform of the Constitution of India
  • Release of innocent people in prison
  • Employment for every educated youth
  • Abolition of octroi taxes
  • Exemption of farmers from repayment of loans for agricultural purposes
  • Limiting elected politicians to a single tenure of five years with enforced retirement at age 60
  • Sale of lossmaking nationalized industries
  • Clampdown on black money
  • Lowering of the retirement age to 60, with immediate payment of all pension fund entitlement
  • Banning labour union involvement in politics
  • Introduction of a dowry system acceptable to all
  • Intellectuals shall be given due respect that they deserve.
  • India should pay off


  • All nations should regard India as the supreme power.
  • The respect and dignity of employees & officials should be restored.

All party candidates were required to be teetotal vegetarians.

Election results[edit]

The Doordarshi contested three General Elections to the Lok Sabha but won no seats.[2]

Year Seats contested Won % of votes
1984 97 00 NOT FOUND
1989 288 00 NOT FOUND
1991 321 00 NOT FOUND


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