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Dolphin Force
ڈولفن فورس
Dolphin Force Logo.png
Agency overview
FormedApril, 2016
Preceding agency
  • Mahafiz Force
Legal personalityPunjab Police
Jurisdictional structure
National agencyPK
Operations jurisdictionPK
Governing bodyPunjab Police
General nature
Operational structure
HeadquartersWalton Road, Lahore
Agency executive
  • Rashid Hadayat, SP Dolphin
Parent agencyPunjab Police

Dolphin Force is an elite security unit of the Punjab Police that deals with street crime.[2][3] Modeled after the Istanbul Police Dolphin Force,[4][5][6] it was launched by the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore in 2016.[7] It was later expanded to five other cities of the province.[8][9] There were 696 policemen trained in the second phase.[10]


The Dolphin Force command centre will be headed by the SP[when?] and will be divided amongst Saggian Bridge, Iqbal Town, Harbanspura, Chung, Civil Lines and Model Town with 50 motorcycles each.[11]

In 2016, it was announced that this modern force will be introduced in other metropolitan cities of Punjab, like Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and Bahawalpur . The plan was approved in 2017 but has not been executed. There needs to be a headquarter and an SP in every city.[12]

SP Dolphin Force[edit]

Since its establishment, the following superintendents of police have been appointed as Head of Dolphin Force Lahore:

  • Bilal Zafar (PSP)
  • Aisha Butt (PSP)
  • Rashid Hadayat (PSP)[13]


Their headquarters is situated on Walton Road in Lahore.[14]


Two Dolphin Force officers patrolling the major road of Lahore

The force comprises 1,800 constables, 60 ASIs, 15 SIs, 4 DSPs and an SP who work 3 shifts with 300 motorcycles. The equipment includes 300 500cc Honda motorcycles, 10 minibuses for field support, 600 helmets, 600 camera-body cams, 200 GPS locators and 300 wireless radios. A special uniform is worn for dolphin patrol officials.

Two policemen riding each bike are equipped with helmets with wireless radio, small arm, handcuffs, GPS tracking device, camera and special uniform (black with contrasting red and white colours).[15]

Criticism and controversies[edit]

Mismanagement in the project[edit]

Despite spending one billion on the project, the Dolphin Force was one of the most mismanaged and misplaced projects, therefore, known as the white elephant for the Punjab government.[16] Instead of fundamental police reforms in Punjab and providing them infrastructure and resources, a new force was raised. A few examples are mentioned below:[17]

  • Each officer was given a single piece of uniform, which he has to wear each day without opportunity to change it. The Rs 50,000 per piece parachute apparel was unfit for the warm climate in Lahore and was later replaced with cotton uniforms, wasting substantial public money.
  • A 500CC Honda heavy bike purchased for 1.0 million Rs each doesn't have any spare parts or repairing expertise; a minor fault in bikes resulted in parking them back without any replacements.
  • An expensive Helmet worth Rs. 35,000 containing Bluetooth; however, the equipment was not put to total usage. For example, the Bluetooth was never integrated to the central communication network.
  • With a salary as low as 22,000, several constables were found taking bribes and making monthly deals to provide safe passages to people on a regular basis. Four constables were dismissed after being caught red-handed.[18]

Street crime rate in Lahore[edit]

Despite spending billions on the project and its high operational cost, the crime rate of Lahore soared in early 2016,[19] during start[20] and mid of 2017,[21] only in July 2017 the crime surged by 13.37% in Lahore.[22] Although the project received continuous funds, it was unable to deliver in any form.[23]


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