Administrative divisions of British India

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1909 British Indian Empire map as appeared in The Imperial Gazetteer of India

The Divisions of British India were administrative units of the Government of the British Raj or Indian Empire.[1]

Divisions in Bengal[edit]

The seven Bengal Regulation Districts were named as 'divisions' in 1851:

(Moorshedabad), area 17,556 sq mi, population 6,815,876

Divisions of Eastern Bengal and Assam[edit]

The divisions of Eastern Bengal and Assam Province 1905—1912:

Divisions in Baroda[edit]

Divisions in Bombay[edit]

Divisions in Burma[edit]

Divisions in Central India[edit]

Divisions of Hyderabad[edit]

Divisions in Rajputana[edit]

Divisions in Agra[edit]

Divisions in Oudh[edit]

Divisions in Punjab[edit]

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