Dhoop Dewar

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Dhoop Dewar
دھوپ دیور
Written byYounus Javed[1]
Directed byMohammad Nisar Hussain
Country of originPakistan
Original languageUrdu
ProducerMohammad Nisar Hussain
Original release
Release1982 (1982)

Dhoop Dewar (Urdu: روزی, lit.'Sunny Wall') is a 1982 Pakistani television long play written by Younus Javed and it was produced and directed by Mohammad Nisar Hussain.[2][3]


The story is about Nargis, Roshan, Salman and Asad. Roshan is a rich girl from a wealthy family while Salman belongs to a middle-class family. They both want to get married but their marriage is not accepted by Amjad who is Roshan's father. Later Nargis a teacher at a college and from a good well educated family marries him but due to Salman's behaviour it causes problems between them. Their child Asad faces a hard time after his parents separates due to Salman's nature.[2]


Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Name Result Ref.
1984 PTV Awards Best Actress Khalida Riyasat Nominated [7]


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