Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources

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Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources of the United States of America
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Seal of the Department of State
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Flag of the Deputy Secretary of State of Management and Resources
Richard R. Verma, Deputy Secretary of State.jpg
Richard R. Verma
since April 5, 2023
U.S. Department of State
Reports toThe United States Secretary of State
SeatWashington, D.C.
AppointerThe President
with Senate advice and consent
Term lengthNo fixed term
First holderJacob Lew
SalaryExecutive Schedule, level 2
WebsiteOfficial website

The United States deputy secretary of state for management and resources is the third in charge of the United States Department of State. Along with the deputy secretary of state, the deputy secretary for management and resources is a principal advisor to the secretary of state and shares in the global responsibility for U.S. foreign policy. The deputy secretary for management and resources also has broad responsibilities for oversight and coordination of U.S. foreign assistance and overseas diplomatic operations. The role is sometimes referred to as the "chief operating officer" of the State Department.[1] The position is currently held by Richard R. Verma, serving since April 5, 2023.

The position was created by Congress in 2000, in Title IV, Section 404 of Public Law 106-553. However, the position was not filled until 2009, when President Barack Obama appointed Jack Lew to the position. The position was left vacant under President Donald Trump, but it was reestablished under President Joe Biden in 2021 with the appointment of Brian McKeon.

The State Department is the only federal Cabinet-level agency with two co-equal deputy secretaries. The original deputy secretary office is the "first assistant" for the purposes of the Vacancies Reform Act, but both deputy secretaries have full delegated authority to act for the secretary, if not otherwise prohibited by law.[2]

Deputy Secretaries of State for Management and Resources[edit]

No. Portrait Name Term began Term ended President(s) served under
1 Jacob Lew official portrait.jpg Jack Lew January 28, 2009 November 18, 2010 Barack Obama
2 ThomasNides 200 1.jpg Thomas R. Nides January 3, 2011 February 15, 2013
3 Official Heather Higginbottom Photo.png Heather Higginbottom December 13, 2013 January 20, 2017
Vacant January 20, 2017 January 20, 2021 Donald Trump
4 Brian P. McKeon.webp Brian P. McKeon March 19, 2021 December 31, 2022 Joe Biden
John R. Bass official photo.jpg John R. Bass (acting) January 1, 2023 April 4, 2023
5 Richard R. Verma, Deputy Secretary of State.jpg Richard R. Verma April 5, 2023 Incumbent


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