Democratic Women's Federation of Germany

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Democratic Women's Federation of Germany
Demokratischer Frauenbund Deutschlands
FormationMarch 1947; 77 years ago (1947-03)
TypeMass organization
PurposeWomen's rights
Membership (1988)
1.5 million
Parent organization
National Front

The Democratic Women's Federation of Germany[1] (German: Demokratischer Frauenbund Deutschlands, or DFD) was the mass women's organisation in East Germany.

It was established in March 1947 and had the following official aims:

  • Removal of fascist ideas
  • Education for women
  • Equal rights
  • Fair social living conditions
  • Education of children in the spirit of humanism and peace
  • Co-operation with the international women's movement

It was one of the members of the National Front and sent representatives to the Volkskammer. In 1988, membership was 1.5 million.[2][1]

Chairwomen of the Democratic Women's Federation of Germany[edit]

Name Entered Office Left Office
Anne-Marie Durand-Wever 1947 1948
Emmy Damerius-Koenen 1948 1949
Elli Schmidt 1949 September 1953
Ilse Thiele September 1953 November 1989
Eva Rohmann 1989 1990
Gisela Steineckert 1990 1990


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