Democratic Jewish Union

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Democratic Jewish Union
Žydų demokratinis susivienijimas
IdeologyJewish interests

The Democratic Jewish Union (Lithuanian: Žydų demokratinis susivienijimas, ŽDS) was a political coalition in inter-war Lithuania.


The ZDS contested the Constituent Assembly elections in Lithuania in 1920, receiving 6.6% of the vote and winning six seats.[1] The six elected members were Rosenbaum (Zionist), Soloveitzik (Zionist), Dr. N. Rachmilewitz (Achdut-Agudat Israel), R. Abraham Popelas (Achdut-Agudat Israel), Nachman Fridman (Folkspartei) and Ozer Finkelstein (Folkspartei). After Fridman's death he was replaced in the assembly by Samuel Landau.[2]

The party did not contest the 1922 or 1923 elections, but returned in 1926 as a merger of the Zionist faction and the Folkspartei,[3] when it won three seats. However, a military coup saw the Seimas dissolved in December 1926 and no further multi-party elections were held again until the 1990.


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