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TypeSubsidiary of Poundland
Founded17 August 2011; 12 years ago (2011-08-17) in Dublin, Ireland
Area served
OwnerSteinhoff International
ParentPepco Group

Dealz is a chain of discount retail stores predominantly in Poland and Ireland,[1] offering a range of general merchandise products, the majority of which are at the fixed price of €1.50 (in Ireland); £1.20; or zl 6.-[2]

The stores are operated by South African company Steinhoff, through its subsidiary Pepco Group, which also owns Poundland and the namesake Pepco.


The first two Dealz stores were opened in Blanchardstown and Portlaoise in September 2011, and by September 2013, the chain had expanded to 28 stores.[3] Additional Dealz stores also opened in islands off of Britain: one in Douglas, Isle of Man and another in Kirkwall, Orkney. Dealz expanded to these British islands because it was offering Poundland products for £1 and £1.20. In September 2012, a store opened in Kirkwall, but this became a Poundland/Pep&Co store on 26 May 2018.[4]

In 2023, a trial began in Ireland where some of their stores were rebranded to Pepco, the international brand of Pepco Group, a division of Steinhoff International which also owns Poundland. All of their stores in Spain were rebranded under Pepco.

There are more Dealz stores in Poland than Ireland as of 2022.

Dealz departed from the Poundland brand in 2023, the Poundland-like logo is still used in Ireland.


It was decided that the name 'Euroland' was not going to be used as it avoided the impact of price volatility in the region[5] and because potential customers did not like the name during the European debt crisis.[6] Also, a chain store of 45 shops with the name "Euroland" already existed in the Netherlands, making it difficult to use the name. Instead of everything being the same price, like the current Poundland model, there will be different prices.[7] As well as offering the Poundland mix of known brands such as Kelloggs, Cadbury's and Kodak, the stores will also sell locally sourced products including milk, eggs and crisps.[8] In July 2014, Poundland opened their first store in Torremolinos, Spain under the Dealz España name.[9] Dealz is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK retailer Poundland, and ultimately owned by Steinhoff International, listed in Germany and South Africa.[10][11]


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