Dainik Azadi

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Daily Azadi
10-09-2023 cover of Dainik Azadi.
TypeDaily newspaper
FormatPrint, online
Editor-in-chiefMA Malek (journalist)
Associate editorRashed Rouf
FoundedAugust 5, 1960; 63 years ago (1960-08-05)
Political alignmentLiberal

Daily Azadi (Bengali: ডেইলি আজাদী) is a Bangladeshi newspaper published in Bangladesh.[1]


The Azadi was first published on 5 September 1960. The paper was pro-democracy and supported various autonomy movements in East Pakistan. It was blacklisted by the Pakistani Government for a year and banned from receiving government advertisement. It stopped publishing for three months during the Bangladesh Liberation War.[1][2]

Abdul Khaleq was the founding editor and publisher of Azadi. At first the price of the magazine was two annas (12 paise).[3] After Khaleq's death, his son-in-law Md. Mohammad Khaled took over as editor in 1962. MA Malek has been in charge of the newspaper since 2003 after his death.[4][3]

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